Your website is a prime marketing tool for your business/brand. It’s very important that it represents what your story very well. It is also very important that it is easily viewable to users regardless of device.


WordPress is a wonderful tool! It is known for being a powerful blogging tool but it can do so much more than that. Depending on your needs we can see if WordPress is a good fit for you. If you are needing a theme Dogwood Labs can create a custom theme for your business/brand.


Having a responsive design website is very important these days. To have a responsive design website means you have a site that will be easily viewable to users regardless of the size of the browser or device they are viewing on. With everyone owning a smart phone or tablet these days it is very important to have that smooth experience.


Every business needs to do marketing. An avenue that can be very effective is email marketing. Everyone has at least one email address. I bet they check their inbox daily if not hourly. Let’s get people to notice your business and brand in their inbox.


A proper email campaign can help draw and retain people to your business. A poor email campaign can ruin your reputation. Let’s do it properly and effectively to help your business.


Email deliverability is simply getting email in the inbox. There is nore to just hitting ‘send’, especially when doing bulk sends. You have to worry about your IP reputation and domain reputation or else risk getting your emails in the spam box.