Dogwood Steak Restaurant

Dogwood’s Steak Restaurant is a demo site. If you happen to run a restaurant this demo site is to demonstrate how your business site can look like. Some of the key features:

  • Responsive designed
    • This is a must! I think most of my visits to restaurant sites have been on my smart phone.
  • Easy to view menu
    • I really appreciate sites where the menu is on a responsive page instead of downloading a PDF. Much easier to view on a smart phone.
  • Responsive Photo Gallery
  • Clean and Relevant Content
    • There is not too much content to overwhelm users. Yet the content is what most users are looking for.

The demo site can be view here:

This demo site is a multipage demo site. It provides all needed information to end users. However, I think some restaurants and businesses might benefit from just a single page site. Look for a demo of an effective 1 page demo site soon!