This is a Throw Back Thursday design post.

A few years ago I freelanced for One3, a media/design group. I was tasked at doing a poster for a band called Hillsong United. I wasn’t too big into doing print designs at the time but I accepted the challenge. I remember feeling a bit nervous that no matter what I would submit it would be seen as mediocre and sent back for a number of redesigns..

Boy was I wrong!

The result of the poster is what is seen above. I wish I had a better quality image. I wish I had a physical copy to hang on my wall. From what I heard the band really was impressed with the poster. I researched the band and they are christian rock band that uses the open hand symbolically. As you can see I used the open hand designed but made up of people/fans dancing, jumping, celebrating, etc.

I was happy with the final design. My boss was happy with the final design. More importantly, the band was happy with the final design. This was a fun project for me.