The subject line of an email is important. When an email hits the inbox the from address and the subject line really determines if the individual is going to open the mailer. If the subject line looks suspicious the mailer may get deleted or marked as SPAM. Here are some things not to do:

Avoid using all caps: I know you want your email to seem more important than others. Truth is it is just annoying and immediately looks like SPAM.

Keep it short: I prefer a short and simple subject line that tells me why I should open the mailer. Most email clients will only preview a certain number of characters before cutting it off. Why not try to capture the user in as little words as possible?

Personalize the subject line: This can work both ways. My first thought that personalizing the subject line for each individual user is a way to really connect with them.

Keep your promise: What ever you say in your subject line you better deliver in the email body. If you deliver empty promises you may lose a subscriber.

Don’t be too vague: I know you want to leave some mystery to your subscribers but do not leave completely in the dark.

Explain why the mailer is important: Is it a sale you are promoting? Is it special deal? Are you expanding your business? Let’s include a small snippet within the subject line.

These are just a few quick tips to consider on your subject line. An effective subject line definitely can lead to more opens.