Content. Content. Content.

Content will always be one of the main reasons someone visits your website. Most visitors will land on your home page first. so, it is always key to have good content present there. If a visitor does not find what they are looking for in less than a minute they may look some where else.

If your website is a informational type website, general business information, ensure you have a quick introduction of your business and services. For these types of sites I do not think the home page should be overloaded with content. Lets not overwhelm people immediately. I do believe an effective home page that provides brief summary of what you do and what you have to offer. The summary can then direct users to a different page that goes deeper into the subject matter.

Fresh content will always help in bringing repeat visitors. An effective blog site can do that but the content of each post has to have value to them. If you are a law firm your posts are legal oriented.  Your visitors would be expecting post that relate to the legal world or the business itself. Sure, you can add a post of how you last meal tasted but then you run the risk of losing your visitors then or being taken seriously. We all want to get a little personal with our readers but there are some things you should not do to keep them.

Also, if you are going to blog, blog frequently. Fresh content is the goal and it is important to always provide that. A blog where posts are weeks in between, even months, will lose its steam. It’s something I notice and so will your visitors. I have tried in the past to run a blog and it is hard to constantly provide that new content. However, if done frequently and with the right content you will generate some repeat visitors and hopefully future customers.

Always keep in mind of your content. If you have a site up now review it. Look through it through your visitors eyes. Is it the type of content that would attract you? Is there any content that serves no purpose? Replace it with good, engaging content.

Content. Content. Content.